Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of the software application Rainclip for Windows and Mac and that was created by Rainy. It also covers the privacy policy of Rainclip's website.

What information is collected and how it is used

Rainclip's website

Webserver logs

Access to the Rainclip's website gets logged into the webserver's log. The log contains user's IP address, browser's user agent and time and date when the connection was made. The log is used to improve the service and for security checks.


Google Analytics is used to measure the traffic and usage patterns of the visitors in the Rainclip's website. Google Analytics collects information such as how often users visit our services, what pages they visit when they do so, and what other pages they use prior to coming to our services. We use the information get from Google Analytics only to improve our services.

Licensed users

Data related to the license purchases is stored to the database. This includes the name and email address as well as the IP number, date and time of the purchase, user's country of origin. The information is used to verify the purchases and to recover lost licenses. Email addresses are not used for marketing purposes. Confidential information like credit card numbers are not stored to the database (or even accessed by Rainclip's website).


The Website may also include cookies and similar tracking technologies of third parties such as Google Analytics which may collect information about you via the Website.

Rainclip desktop application

Debug logs

The debug log is stored to the user's temporary folder. It can be enabled from the settings. The log is only stored locally. It is never automatically send to any network server.

Crash reports

The crash dumps are sent to the server if enabled from the settings. The crash dump contains part of the application memory where the crash happened. The dump files are kept for 30 days on the server.

Clippings and snippets

By default Rainclip stores all data only locally. It is possible to sync the data to the user's Google Drive.

Backup files

Rainclip creates automatic backup files every time it starts. The backup file contains the user's snippets. The backup files are stored to the user's home folder and never automatically sent to any network server. The latest 20 backup files are retained.

Version checks

Rainclip can do automatic version checks from the server on startup. The version checks get stored to the Rainclip website's webserver log.

Google data

Rainclip desktop application can access to your Google Account by authenticating with OAuth. This is optional and done only if the user explicitly syncs the data with Google Drive.

The following Google APIs are used:

Rainclip is a local client application. All data is kept only on the user's local computer. It is never automatically sent to any network server unless the feature is explicitly enabled.

Rainclip's website does not have any access to your Google account data.

What information is shared

None of the collected data is shared with any 3rd party.

Updates to the privacy policy

We reserve a right to update the privacy policy at any time for any reason. It is advised to read this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes, as continued use is deemed approval of all changes.


If you have any questions about the privacy policy, please send your inquiries to