Clipboard history and snippets
Universal clipboard assistant which keeps a history of copied texts and images and securely syncs them between computers. Keeps also your most used text snippets ready to be pasted into anywhere.
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Keeps a history of your clippings that have been copied to the clipboard. You can easily access the list with a global keyboard shortcut or from the tray icon.
You can store the most used text snippets and access them from the same window as the clippings. Rainclip can store as many pages of snippets as you need to.
Optionally you can also keep images in the clipboard history. Images can be pasted both as images and files so you can for example easily copy them to the file system.
Sync the clipboard history and snippets between as many computers as you like. Synchronization uses your Google Drive as storage so everything is kept only on your control.
Synchronization is done over secure https protocol and you can also encrypt all the data that is stored to the Google Drive so no-one else except you can access your content.
Works both on Mac and Windows. You can even sync the clipboard content and snippets between the two platforms if you wish.
Use one of the built-in or create custom actions to be executed over the clipboard content. The actions use standard JavaScript so it's easy to learn how to create one of your own.
Application specific settings
You can configure how clipboard works for each application separately. You can for example exclude some applications from the history or make them copy always only plain text.
Dark mode
Supports dark mode in the history window to keep it easy on your eyes. On Mac it's automatic and on Windows you can toggle between the two modes.
Keyword expansion
Automatically replace keywords with snippets in every application. The feature works in every application as long as Rainclip is running in the background.
Define custom hotkeys to paste your most used snippets without the need to bring up the Rainclip window.
Internal search makes it easy to find snippets and clippings.